10,000 JPY/ hour for any photography service

lessons: shooting, studio, workflow, editing, printing etc
shooting: studio, on-site - people, products or buildings
Please understand the company has overhead costs that must be considered. 
Some negotiation in price may be possible based on the project.
私のメンターも世界的に有名なフォトグラファーで、羽田空港(TIAT:東京国際空港ターミナル株式会社)、メルセデス・ベンツ, ポルシェ、トヨタ、ホンダ、ウォールストリートマガジン、東京国際基金、米州開発銀行、バークレイズ証券株式会社、ドイツ銀行、 ハッセルブラッド、ジョンソンアンドジョンソン、マイクロソフト、グーグルジャパン、JTB、英国大使館等々、多数の有名雑誌・広告・ブランドの撮影を手掛けています。

Since I started photography in 2005, I have been constantly pursuing excellence in my work. I have completed 4 semesters of a BA in photography from an accredited university in Los Angeles. I have worked with teams of models, stylists and makeup artists to create creative visions through my own jobs as well as a number of hands-on workshops.


My mentor is also a world-class photographer with numerous publications and ad campaigns from top brands to royalty such as Haneda Airport (TIAT), AMG Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Wall Street Magazine, The International Monetary Fund, The International Development Bank, Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, Hasselblad, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Google Japan, Japan Tourist Board (JTB), The British Embassy in Tokyo, just to name a few.

After opening my own studio in 2014 I worked on training and growing in house talent.

My staff were able to run their own shoots with models and execute their creative visions. 

I opened a creator space 2018 - 2019, I was trying to offer opportunities to people in Hyuga to experience a different level of service and education such as 3D Printing and renting a shared space, but I closed the creator space in December 2019. 

Currently, I am offering workshop-style educational experiences or custom photography to discriminating clients.

While I have a large number of photos in my library, most of them are for my own education, which means they are not appropriate (of a standard/ high enough quality) to post on this site.